Every one of us has a destiny to walk in - a destiny already concluded in the mind of God.  And our greatest fulfillment in life comes when we discover that destiny and walk in it.


At Regents Assembly, we disciple men and women to recognize the gifts, treasures and potentials that God has deposited in them, to develop these potentials and to effectively apply them in ministry, to God, to the Body of Christ and to the world.


The book of Ephesians 4:11-12 states that God gave five ministries for the perfecting of the saints.  Therefore training and discipleship are high priority on our agenda. At whatever level of Christian maturity and experience you are, there is a program designed with you in mind.


In recognizing the importance of ensuring that every believer be established on a secure, solid foundation of the word of God, Regents Assembly is structured in a way that makes spiritual maturity attainable.

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